What is RemodelCare?

How does it work?

Our care team is available year round to help members navigate their benefits and answer questions they might have. Our care team serves as an advocate to the member, assisting when and where we can.

We provide the following services for members:

  • Advocate to the marketplace and/or carrier/program
  • Assist with plan changes or updates
  • Facilitate monthly premium/share payments with carrier/program
  • Interpret plan/program guidelines and rules
  • Instruct members how to submit claims
  • Help members understand how to use their benefits
  • Explain the budget as it relates to payroll
  • Research provider and prescription network details

When is the care team available?

Our Care team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST via the following channels.

We don’t provide tax or legal advice, file claims with carriers/programs on your behalf, or 

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