Member Sign Up

➊ Sign up for Remodel Health

You'll be invited to the Remodel Health by email. The invitation will be sent the email address provided by your admin.

Member Sign Up Email

When you sign up, you won't be able to change the email address for security reasons. Once you've logged in, you can navigate to your profile to change your email address.

Member Sign Up Form

➋ Complete your member profile

Next, you'll be directed to complete your member profile by working through a brief 2-minute survey. If you've already completed a health benefits survey, you'll only be asked to verify the information already stored in your profile.

Welcome Video

Benefits Survey Start Page

It's important to enter the information as accurately as possible as it will directly increase your costs and the benefits available to your household.

Member Info

Contact Info

We ask for some basic information on your household members as well.

Household Info

The income section is very important, please pay attention to the help text icons.

Income Info

Survey Complete

➌ Opt-in and shop for a plan

Once you have completed your member profile, you'll be redirected to the dashboard to complete some tasks.

Launch Tasks

Launch Details

Review Benefits

Opting in is very important, it allows us to work with you to individually assess your health insurance needs.

Member Opt-in

Ready to Shop

That's it! You've completed the member signup process and you're ready to go with Remodel Health!

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